Green Foundry

Green Foundry is a fine art sculpture facility designed to meet all your casting needs, from clay to bronze and beyond. We specialize in bronze casting, and also cast aluminum, iron, cement, plaster and cold bronze. Located at Sanctuary Arts art school in Eliot, ME, Green Foundry is a teaching facility as well as a casting service. Artists are always welcome in our foundry to learn the process and help in achieving the final product. Please take a look at our upcoming classes for the next semester here.


We begin with the mold. Our moldmaker, Lauren, will create a long lasting high quality rubber mold.

Wax is cast into the rubber mold using microcrystalline wax; the casting is chased (cleaned) to the artist's specifications. A ceramic shell mold is made on the wax.

Once the ceramic shell is complete the wax will be evacuated using the boil out method. The ceramic shell is then fired in a kiln to 1800°F and bronze melted in the furnace to 2100°F. When the shells reach temperature they are removed from the kiln and bronze is cast into the warm shells.



At Green Foundry we create high quality castings at a reasonable rate with supreme service.

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Green Foundry
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