Director's Notes ... Winter 2016

New instructors and classes for this season!

Bourbuck by Sean Bixby

This winter we have two new instructors to enliven those grey days and dark evenings. Sean Bixby’s paintings landed him the award winning children’s books The Uncrossable Canyon and the sequel The Goblin’s Story. His sculptures have been featured at the prestigious Society of Illustrators in Manhattan and the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover. His Children’s Book Illustration (SA 7) class will teach students to develop their skills in drawing, painting and writing. Aspiring illustrators are welcome to hone their unique ideas and talents with Sean’s expert guidance.

Archangel Michael by Sean Kramer

Sean Kramer, an artist, teacher and former monk, spent a number of years living in monasteries, learning egg-tempera painting from Russian icon painters. He has a studio at the Button Factory in Portsmouth, teaches courses in fairy tales, world religions and art history at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and will be teaching several classes and workshops at Sanctuary Arts. I recommend his Basic Techniques of Egg Tempera Panel Painting SA 6). This is a technical, craft based class, teaching multiple methods of preparing panels, making paints with pigments, gilding with gold and metal leaf, and techniques of applying egg tempera such as dry brush, petite lac, glazing and scumbling. He will also present a two day Fresco Painting (SA 14).

Diego & Frida by Jennifer Field

Jennifer Field offers a new felting class, Figurative Felting (SA 17), which I am planning to take. Sculpting in color! How amazing is that? First students will create a wire skeleton or armature, then build the figures; first in natural un-dyed wool and then in color. She will also be teaching a weekend workshop Felting Nature: Roosters & Chickens (SA 18). We have a few chickens running around for your inspiration. Check out Jennifer’s website to see her amazing creations.


Weighty Catch by Tom Glover

Tom Glover returns after a successful semester of teaching here for the first time, to offer two new classes: Following a Master (SA 1) and Breaking Away from the Photograph (SA 2). In the first class, students will be asked to pick an artist who has given them inspiration or insight and made them press on as a painter. Developing an intelligent response to that artist’s work will be the idea for this class. The second class will ask the student to choose photographs they respond to and then use them as guides only; the painting becoming the main concern as it takes clues from the photographic source.

Late Autumn Bouquet by Amy Brnger

Amy Brnger offers a January one session Flower Painting Workshop (SA 11). This is for students who want to let go of detail and incorporate more looseness in their paintings. Amy demos her painting techniques and color mixing using a limited palette.

And we have the usual suspects offering stellar instruction to motivate and inspire your creative muse.