Director's Notes ... Fall 2018

Awesome New Classes to Spark your Creative Genius!

New for Fall...

Acrylic Mediums with Dustan Knight is a great course for those who wonder “what the heck is 'interference' color? How is it different from 'iridescent' color? What is 'molding' paste? Is it the same as 'gel medium'? Answer all these questions and more with Dusty and decide which ones you want to add to your studio practice. Dusty also offers Acrylic Pour & Play, a one day workshop exploring fluid acrylic mixed with silicone that creates amazing patterns and 'cells'.


Sketching at the Zoo; York's Wild Kingdom with Carol Morley is a one day event, giving you the opportunity to study wild life up close, choosing from an impressive collection of 72 species. Observe their gestures, capture their likeness, adding details as they return to each pose. This is the perfect class to take before jumping into Sculpting Animals in Oil Clay with Jeffrey Briggs, the designer and sculptor of Boston's new Greenway Carousel. Jeff discusses techniques of researching and sculpting your own selected mammal, designing a clay animal sculpture and its armature to take best advantage of the mold making process.

Holiday Ornaments with Lauren and Josh Dow is a great class to take before the holidays set in. Make ornament bronze multiples in the lost wax process, working from clay originals, making plaster molds, casting wax copies, creating pouring and venting systems in wax, dipping them in ceramic shell, boiling and burning the shell out before poring in burning metal, finishing by chasing and grinding, then applying patinas with heat. It's a marvelous alchemical process!!!


Concrete Planters & Garden Sculptures with Valerie McCaffrey offers a quick way to create direct poured and carved garden sculptures. Timed just right, you can carve concrete as easily as butter! A not to be missed opportunity to get messy and create something absolutely unique for your garden.

Ecorche' Sculpture; Artistic Anatomy, offered by Cate Irvine is suitable for figure painters, drawers and sculptors who want to bring their work to the next level. Create an ecorche' (flayed figure) to use as a reference for understanding the human form. Your finished reference will include both skeleton and surface musculature. This class is for everyone who works from the figure and wants to know more about physiology, anatomy and proportion.

Create, Design, Produce your Own Products coupled with Create Your Own Website with Emily Kalina offer great opportunities for those who wish to make their work more visible and commercially viable. Besides Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Emily now has a new partnership with Strawbery Banke and is willing to share her expertise.

So much to learn! It keeps us young, doesn't it?