Director's Notes ... Summer 2016

New instructors and classes for this season!

We extend a warm welcome to new instructor, Lou Kohl Morgan who offers “Honing Your Drawing Skills” (SA 11). As I have been discovering, the ability to draw is the basic technical tool all artists need to be able to accomplish their creative projects. As an art student in the sixties, when all the rules were thrown out the window, I learned how to splash around and express myself, but didn't have a clue how to get my projects to actually look professional and lacked the skill set to accomplish my goals. Thus, Sanctuary Arts was born as a place to acquire those necessary skills. Lou's class will emphasize training the eye to see and the mind to focus as you learn how to measure, use value, and create balance. The magic of drawing is accessible to anyone who understands that patience and practice and a brave heart, are required, and studying with this excellent drawing instructor is a great place to start.

Alastair Dacey is another first time Sanctuary Arts instructor who will be teaching “Painting the Portrait in Oil” (SA 7). Alastair studied closely with Boston School Master Paul Ingbretson for over 4 years, and then, to focus more closely on the human face and form, he studied at the Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. He brings his expertise to help students explore the art of seeing as they learn concrete skills that will prove their value for years and paintings to come. You may see his work at Portsmouth Discover Center's Edmund Tarbell exhibit which he helped set up and at the new Todd Bonita Gallery on Ceres Street in Portsmouth.


Former monk, Sean Kramer, returns to offer two entirely new classes and a workshop. “Contemplative Art Practices” (SA 9), offers a guide to meditative art practices; mandalas and yantras, spontaneous and intuitive art making, working with symbols, drawing personal journeys, surrealist techniques, etc. With an emphasis on the process, art as a meditative practice will help you escape your inner critic. His Borders, Patterns Scrolls, etc, (SA 10) classes explore decorative and folk art motifs. From stylized flowers, birds and landscape elements, Sean will teach students basic shapes, motifs, and principles of rhythmic combining to create inventive patterns.

Sean also offers a one weekend “Fresco Painting” (SA 8) workshop. This ancient art form is done by applying pure pigments to wet plaster. When the plaster dries, the paint becomes a permanent part of the surface, resulting in a beautiful matte finish. He taught it this last Winter session and the student results were amazing. I had no idea of the subtleties practitioners of this medium could achieve.

Josh Dow, our Green Foundry guru, is offering a new course called “Beginner Blade Smithing (SA 15). He has been crafting such beautiful and practical kitchen knives for his family and friends, and now is ready to help you make your own. His class will cover general blade smithing, blade making with heat tempering and applying the handle to create your own useful artifact.




And of course there are all the usual suspects teaching workshops and classes who help keep Sanctuary Arts vibrant. From plein air to the studio, two dimensional or three, peruse our catalog to find your perfect fit.